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The Dutch Society of Sculptors/Nederlandse Kring van Beeldhouwers (NKvB, or 'de Kring') is an association of about 130 practising professional sculptors, or nowadays, fine artists that work in three dimensional space in the broadest sense. Founded in 1918 to support the interests of sculptors, the association aims to expand interest in sculpture in the Netherlands and beyond, as well as promote contact and exchange amongst producers three dimensional art. The NKvB is dedicated to the support of Dutch sculpture - spatially orientated art - in general and the work of its members in particular. Organising exhibitions and symposia is an important aspect of the NKvB policy of supporting its members' interests. 

The Dutch Society of Sculptors was founded in 1918 as the first and only nationwide professional sculptors' organisation in the Netherlands. Sculptors such as Mendes da Costa, Mari Andriessen, Hildo Krop, Raedecker and Wenckebach were among the founding members. They felt a strong need to bring the combined strengths of their profession to bear in organising events and opportunities that other institutes ignored. They saw that the professional practice of visual artists working in three dimensions was clearly distinguished from that of other disciplines, more demanding in every respect. Ever since, the Kring has continued to generate opportunities to exhibit spatial art, to initiate exhibitions and to serve as a foundation for shared encounters and collegiality amongst sculptors at international symposia and at high-profile locations where members and non-members alike can present their work.
The NKvB also provides professional advice for government and semi-government institutions, analysing, providing professional advice and guidance for public and private sculpture commissions, exhibitions and the installation of sculpture in public space. A more extensive and continuing description of the Dutch Society of Sculptors and its members can be found on the History Page/de Geschiedenispagina (in Dutch).

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