Exposé „Wood sculptor symposium Halle / Saale 2008“
Theme: „Towers“. Closing date for the application documents is the 30-05-2008. To submit are curriculum vitae, sketches to the planned project and photos of projects already realized.

The primary focus of this symposium is practical work and the exchange of ideas. The artists may work only for the duration of the event (August 25th – September 20th). Each participant is required to bring along one or two design models or drawings to give the organiser an idea of the project he or she is about to create.

The organiser reserves the right to view the work’s progress after two or three weeks. At the end of the symposium the finished sculptures will be presented to the organiser and the arts commission, and the location and further use will be discussed.

The finished artwork will remain on permanent loan to the city of Halle/ Saale. The artists have no claims over the finished pieces and cannot make decisions about their works without the organiser‘s consent. All further publishing rights remain with the artists.
The organiser and the artists will install the sculptures permanently in the city of Halle/ Saale at the end of the symposium. Should a piece of art not be recommended for instalment by the jury, the organiser is not obliged to install it. The possibilities of use or the option of further work on the piece after the time frame of the symposium has to be agreed upon with the organiser.

Theme „Towers“
The works of art will be set up in city space’s where urban decline is taking place. The general theme is the impact of this urban development on society. Some of the questions raised: What are the results of the de-concentration of built up areas in the psyche of society? Which new orientations are developing in the society? Changing space creates the need for points of orientation:
Buildings, notable objects, towers.

Five international artists, either solo or groups, will be chosen by the jury by way of a submitted draft document and invited to participate. There will be no more than 8 participants selected.
Three artists from Sachsen - Anhalt (Die Künstlergruppe Traub)
will organize the symposium and participate, lead, develop and coordinate the project conceptionally and artistically.

Procedure and criteria of selection
There is no age limit. A finished degree of art is a prerequisite. The artist has to be able to work on wooden formats up to 1 m x 5 m (massive log) and to follow through with the necessary procedure.
The artistic spectrum may cover anything from non-figurative to figurative. Excluded are installation of untouched material (logs) and primarily folkloristic contributions. Decisive is the convincing power of the drafted project, which has to be set in meaningful relation to the environment dominated by high rises. Send the draft documents to following adress:

Berufsverband Bildender Künstler
Sachsen-Anhalt e. V.
Im Künstlerhaus 188
Böllberger Weg 188
06110 Halle (Saale)

Closing date for the application documents is the 30.05.2008.

To submit are curriculum vitae, sketches to the planned project and photos of projects already realized. Please have understanding for the fact that we cannot send the application documents back.

Public work
During the symposium a public discussion round will be held along with an exhibit accompanying the symposium. This will give the artists an opportunity to introduce themselves with photos, drawings and sculptures in more detail. The aim of this is a publication or catalogue.

Professor Bernd Göbel : head juror
Dagmar Szabados: mayor of the city of Halle / Saale
Herr Kahl : cultural office of Halle/ Saale

No recourse to legal action is permitted.

Working conditions / costs and work stipends
Each participant will receive a work stipend of 3.000 €. This work stipend will be paid in two instalments: 1.000 € at the beginning of the symposium and 2.000 € after final judging of the work. If the commission does not recommend the sculpture for set up the second instalment will be withheld. Each participant is obliged to be present throughout the entire course of the symposium. The received stipend is at the participants’ disposal in accordance with valid regulations.

The artist is responsible for his/her travel expenses. Bed and breakfast will be provided by the city of Halle/Saale free of charge.
The material, provided by the organizers free of charge, is wood.
The supplied amount per participant will be approx. 2 -3 cubic meters, format: raw log: oak/red oak. Technical support/lifting equipment will be provided by the city of Halle / Saale. The participants will supply their own hand tools.

Time frame / duration of work
begins: 25. August 2008  ends: 20. September 2008
arrival: 24. August 2008

Place of event
The symposium will be held in the city of Halle/ Saale at the confluence of the river Elster and Saale.