Dear friends,
See the invitation and maybe you are the lucky one to see this great event.
And don't forget to visit the exhibition in Shanghai!
Warm regards
mail Bert van Loo, November 3, 2012

Van: Annelie Musters [mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]
Verzonden: di 30-10-2012 7:34
Aan: Allard Schroder; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; Cathelijn van Goor; Dirk van Lieshout; irina birger; Marianne Lammersen; Nick Renshaw; Sandro Setola; Sigurdur Gudmundsson; voebe de gruyter; wineke gartz; Danielle de Vos Lama; Meiya Lin; Kan Xuan; Yang Jian; pan feifei; Yang Zhifei; wei chen; Jin Jing; Jia Zhixing; Wei Na; Jian Qin; 钟哲明; 梁言康; Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács
CC: may lee; Ineke Gudmundsson
Onderwerp: Rolling Snowball/3 Guangzhou invitation and program
Dear artists, friends,
We are pleased to send you herewith enclosed the digital invitation of the exhibition Rolling Snowball/ 3, Guangzhou.
Please forward it to your friends, family and relations in the art world!
You are invited by CEAC to come to Guangzhou from 8 till 11 November. CEAC will cover costs of the flight and hotel (please note this is without breakfast and/or drinks).
Of course you are free to do some sightseeing in Guangzhou or visit friends, but your presence is requested on:
Thursday November 8 or Friday morning 9
to help installing your work in the Redtory exhibition hall.

Friday 10 -  7 PM
We are all invited for a dinner by Consul General, mrs Anne Luwema. Also a group of 16 curators and art policy makers from Europe who are traveling through Asia will join us.
Three persons of this group are from the Mondriaan Foundation, the Netherlands. The Mondriaan Foundation is sponsor of our exhibition.

Saturday 10
- 3 - 5 PM press preview. We invited four journalists of newspapers. They probably like to talk to some of the artists.
- 3.30 - 5 PM in the exhibition hall:  lectures by Qin Jian, Wei na and Cathelijn van Goor.
- 5 - 5.30 PM opening ceremony of the exhibition.
Opening words by: mrs. Ineke Gudmundsson and ms. May Lee of the CEAC, mrs, Anne Luwema, Consul general of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Guangzhou and mr. Allard Schrder, Dutch writer. Performances by Sigurdur Gudmundsson and Dirk van Liesout.
- 5.30 - 7 PM opening reception with drinks and food. There will be approx. 75 guests from CEAC, Redtory and the consulate.

Sunday 11
12 -14 PM, visit of the group of European curators /policy makers. The consul general will also be present.
Performance by Dirk van Lieshout.
Sunday evening we will all fly back to Xiamen or Amsterdam.
We will send you the detailed information about the tickets, adresses of hotel and Redtory exhibition hall soon.
Also we will send you the press release in Chinese and English in case you like to forward it to the media.
Please contact us when you have any questions.
We look forward to working with you to make the Rolling Snowball exhibition a success!
Ineke, May Annelie